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Iain.. Read and be bored.

Apr. 11th, 2007 02:10 pm BNL!!!

ok, jump to Sunday, as its probably been one of the best days recently except moving into the flat obv!!!!

My self and Clark were cooking Easter dinner for Mark, ash, and Kennuaughahfurhguhr because... well... we said we would!
firstly we had Bruchetta prepared by yours truely, then Clark made Lamb with trimmings and it was fucking the dogs balls!
then, just a £1 cheese cake for finnishing.
The meal cost under a tenner and was brill.

After dinner i had to rush off to see BnL.
I met up with Euan and page and wandered down to the Carling, and joined the end of a very very long que!! to our supprise, when we got in (and had bought a few pints) we were right near the front... again! perfect spot actually!

The ladies came on and opened with "one week" witch was supprising. The did some of their raps, one about stovies which was pretty cool and commented on how they love the scottish word "thingmwy" so much!!!!!
3 oncores latter they left after clambering into a massive pair of pants and doing the dance for "Angry people"
fucking fantastic!
best gig yet.

After i met Clark, Mark and hop along in "oby jug's" and headed to Kushion
Was a good night, until clark had an "inncodent" which i cant be fucked explaining!

On Monday the wife came over and we spent the daytogether, i opened up to her big style, like, told her things she.. em.. didnt know and are really personal to me, i do feel even closer to her which i thought would have been hard. Her mum recently has been a bit shit towards us both as she dont trust me yet [how?] so i cheered Chris up. Ive got Chris a big suprise to... i can say what case she reads this, as ive not told her what yet!!!!

Ok, on to the good stuff, 21st of this month, Flat warming.
49 windmill ct, hamilton, ml3 6xl
be here. thank you

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Apr. 4th, 2007 03:34 am As of..

As of 05/04/07
all cheques can be made payable to

Mr I. Denningberg
49 Windmill ct
S. Lanarkshire

tel : (01698) 281538
[The phone will be connected about a week after movin' in, and only incoming calls]

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Mar. 31st, 2007 12:52 am interesting

i want in my flat.
having not read the previous post before clicking "post to journal" i dont really know whats been un-said.

Monday night was a night of cocktails!
My self and the majority of the Andiamo staff went into Hamilton, and myself, lyndsy and Jayne feasted of multipul jugs of cocktails until the girls couldnt stand! :D
Lynds was so bad she was carried back to mine and dumped!
school in the morning was fun.

Tuesday mum, dad, and chris came over and saw the flat, then went to Andiamo's for a nice wee meal, first time ive ate in my gaff!

Wednesday myself and clark paid £2k each for the flat for 6months! cannot wait to get in there.

The Pug has been checked over and is looking nice, doing a little more in the next few weeks.

KFO praccy on sunday, then followed by Your Sounds at Tuts, gonna drop in at rach's and take her for dinner (my treat obv) after coz ive not seen her in ages and we need to talk - oh, i should really tell her this actually!!!

The whole of April is about making money! i need money and i want a wii too! :D

I move into the flat on wed/thurday time and i just cannot wait! shall be epic! EPIC!

er, nothing else to say really.

Myself, mark and clark, have really just been thinking of ways to make more money over summer, not going to well. Sperm donation is the way forward. £50 a pop.. litturally.

ok, cool

Happy 20th Grum.

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Mar. 25th, 2007 02:21 am Insert here


This week has been gay gay gay with an exception of Thursday where i saw Chris.

Been in Andiamos most of the week and i hate it. Ive been working alot recently and although i need the money, its getting rediculus.
im sitting at nearly 50hrs this week.

next week im in only 3 times next week good.

KFO paccy next sun... yas cant wait to get back on my cowbell and shakers!!! yeah!!!!

Went out to Buffy Joes last night and saw Androo, Euan, Gary (+one), Jordan and Ryan. Good crack, really good to see them again.

Mum is coming up on tues to see flat, me and clark cant wait to get into it... mmm... yas.

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Mar. 17th, 2007 12:03 pm Recent happy happs

All is good at the moment.. to an extent.

College isn't at all good, but im gonna stick it out best i can because.. i want a job.

The biggest thing happening at the moment is THE flat.


check it.

Myself and Clark are going in for it. should be great. Its a little more than im paying in the halls (works out to be like £70 a week) but defo defo worth it.
Gonna put a sofa bed in it for all you scally-wags!!
Our good friends Mark and Ashley are getting a new flat for summer too... should be wicked (i said wicked?) as the four of us will be just having a laugh 24/7 esp coz i work with Clark in Andiamo's, and Ask just got a job there too - Im gonna tell the boss i should get a bonus since i keep finding him staff!

My car is awesome, but some little dick put a scratch in it!! sake.

Chris is down in York atm for a dancing compo - shes entered in 3 events, and she thinks she'll win one, i hope she does good.

Im hungry.

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Mar. 11th, 2007 12:37 am 5th Broon Coo Day

Happy 5th Annual Nation Broon Coo Day avec la heap shitee!

for its full name!! :D

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Mar. 4th, 2007 11:20 pm 205

I have bought a Pug.

had to go to Slough to get it but!

so friday, i do a 12hr shift and get off work at 11:30, get changed on the road for 00:00

saturday, i drive thru the night and arrive in Slough at 7:00 ish in the morning.

Get the car and we're on the road back for about 9:30

decide to get off M6 because of roadworks on way down plus man u liverpool game and some athletics thing on in Birmingham.

get on the M25 and take the wrong turn off and get lost in Leeds for a bit. Get on A1 but road is closed so get divereted to the East coast.

get lost

get to Darlington

get lost some more

arrive in Middlesbourgh!

then head north to Edinburgh.

At Edinburgh the Glasgow turn off is closed so we have to make our own way thru, hour and a half later we get on M8

10:00 ish i get home.

I drove 998miles in 20hours. Fucked.

the 205 is a beast but! :D

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Mar. 2nd, 2007 01:22 am New Car

Just bought a new car.

a sexy pug 205, completely standard, 1.9, 0-60 in about 7 seconds. serious machine.

me and Clark are going down to SLOUGH to get it [thats just west of London for the n00bs]


£900 drained from the pocket (plus about £130 in fuel costs!)


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Feb. 28th, 2007 02:24 pm too much of too little

The last couple of weeks have been very action packed to be honest.
A couple of the most time consuming things are College work and work work, the fact i worked 12 shifts in 13 days was the big big thing (5 of which were 10hr> shifts) so i got a fair amount of dosh in my back pocket atm. On the day off i did have, i went back to Ayrshire for a Kfunk photo shoot and interview which was fun to do and make.. we also got alot of shit sorted K-wise.
Chirs also came down at night to meet my mum and dad. All went well and they like her alot.
When she was driving home, she crashed her car! so i went up to see her in hospital (inverclyde) to make sure she was ok, she was, only some bruises but the cars a wright off and the cops said she was lucky to get out of it alive, so im greatful for that one. I finally got home at 4am.

My class at college is in a very pissed off mood atm.. the 3rd years are all applying for jobs atm and not one, NOT ONE have even came close to getting one, which doesnt bode well for me. The head lecturer is bearing the brunt of this attack and we're going to the head of the school to get things sorted as companies are turning round and saying they want more pratical experience and less of what we're being "tough" atm.
Another thing thats annoying me is a report the class did (individually) into managing a motor sport team for a season. Basically we all failed [except for 2 people] and we were getting called useless etc.. Reading the feedback on the reports was hilarious, one guy put a web site in it for a part or something and "don't assume the client has the internet" came back. On mine, i did mine slightly different from everyone else, i did mine in the form of a diary, ya'know, day by day style thinking id get marked up for being original and creative but i got "not nessessery" and "not what we were looking for" back!
The thing that really got me was the costing in which i got 2 out of 10, that insicates i did 20% of what was required, yeah? well, i had 4 pages of costing, doing it down to the cost of a washer over a bolt..... explain that! ive never worked so hard on an assessment, and was expecting 80% back, so when i got 30%, i was gutted.

i nearly bought a 205 too.. but didnt, still looking for the perfect one......

ho hum.

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Feb. 15th, 2007 12:36 pm Happy Val's boxing day

So, ive out all the cards ive got in my drawer, and i have only 363 days to wait till the day i hate most in the universe comes again.
I hate Vals day, its pointless!

Got Christine some nice flowers but, just coz, well, i know her.
Everything is going amazing with her, i dont wanna jinx myself, but i can see me being with her for.... ever?

Last night i worked, was a pissy piss shift, all i did was pour champagne! and got good tips as im the best in the store at bantering [thats saying something [but i do make up shit when im bantering, last night it was, "yeah, i lived in Italy for a year - who knows]].
Working again tonight, and its seemingly busier than last night and less staff, piss. Also on Friday and Sunday.
Saturday is KFO meeting + Chris is coming to meet Mum and Dad, so, fingers X'd for her. she'll do fine.

other plans for the future is Euan's party on the 3rd - cant wait, not had a chance to properly drink in ages, last time i was drunk was my B'day, bout 80days ago or something!

ok, i better go, ive nothing to do but.


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